Brussels-Capital Region: Information on the number of deactivations performed by the distribution network operator ("DNO" or "Sibelga").

« désactivations » of “deactiveringen” sheet - Deactivations are characterised by the transition from an active to an inactive point of supply. They cover five procedures:

  • "Disconnections by order of the justice of the peace" (the number of which is detailed in sheet 2, unlike other types of deactivation);
  • "Moza" which end with a cut-off: This is a procedure initiated by the supplier in order to close a supply point as soon as its customer leaves the supply point and has not received any request for a supply contract from a potential new occupant;
  • “End of contract”: This is a deactivation carried out at the request of the supplier when the energy contract that binds it to the customer comes to an end;
  • “Move out “: This is a deactivation of the electrical/gas connection at the request of the market players;
  • “Drops” scenarios: This is a cut-off following non-payment by a professional customer.

"Juge de paix " of "Vrederechter” sheet - Deactivations by order of the justice of the peace come after a request for termination of the energy contract to the justice of the peace. This request is submitted by the supplier in the wake of the customer's failure to pay the bills. The cut-offs are detailed according to whether the customer has been granted winter truce status or not. This makes it possible to make a distinction between:

  • "Cut-offs by order of the justice of the peace” that occur outside the winter truce period between 1 April and 30 September.
  • "Cut-offs by order of the justice of the peace - winter" for customers who have been granted winter truce status. Since cut-offs, although decided, cannot be executed during the winter period, these customers are supplied by Sibelga during this period and are referred to as "winter truce customers". The effective cut-off of their energy therefore takes place from 1 April;

Cut-offs by order of the justice of the peace are described in the previous sheet.

"CHC” of “VZC" sheet - Non-contractual consumption refers to points of supply that record consumption even though they are listed as inactive with Sibelga. Once this is found, the DNO seals the access point if the recorded consumption is not covered by an energy contract. The point of supply was deemed to be inactive and, after the intervention of the DNO, becomes inactive in practice.

The number communicated is an image taken on the last day of the month.

Data are provided by Sibelga. The data reported may differ from one report to another. This is the result of the process of rectification used by players in the energy sector in order to improve the quality of the data.

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