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  • CycloParking

    Bicycle parking with acces control available in Brussels and managed by the CycloParking project.
  • Happy Ears

    Data coming from soundmeters installed according to the Brussels HappyEars ordonance. https://environnement.brussels/news/avec-happy-ears-bruxelles-veille-nos-oreilles
  • Nova: URBAN Permits View

    Spatial representation of urban permits in the Brussels region
  • Buildings 3D

    3D modeling of buildings
  • Address Points

    Brussels-Capital Region : Entity Address Point (ADPT) is the location of the address points of the Brussels-Capital
  • Altitude points

    Brussels-Capital Region : BH03 entity represents the points elevation ground surveys by aerial photogrammetry scale. These points are essentially in the public domain.
  • Block

    Brussels-Capital Region: The island means a portion of the communal territory whose faces are bounded by the sides of streets and / or boundaries of municipalities. The contours...
  • Buildings

    Brussels-Capital Region : building means any physical construction formed of rigid exterior walls, roofed, permanently attached to land, and designed to accommodate human...
  • Cadastral parcels

    Brussels-Capital Region : cadastral plots of the Brussels Region
  • Monitoring District

    Brussels-Capital Region : Brussels-Capital statistical areas are grouped to form the districts of monitoring. Monitoring the neighborhood is an urban observation tool to help...
  • Street node

    Brussels-Capital Region : entity "rail line" is the track layout railway or tramway. The distinction between rail railway and tramway track is included in the same name of the...
  • Green block

    Brussels-Capital Region : entity "Green Block" (or green area) identifies ROW floor of approval vegetated areas (lawn, trees, possibly planted with flowers and ornamental trees...
  • Public way

    Brussels-Capital Region : entity PW is the database reference name and official codification of public roads within the territory of the Brussels-Capital
  • General social aid

    Informations standardisées et géolocalisées rassemblées par le service Bruxelles Social, relatives aux organisations publiques et privées qui offrent de l'aide sociale générale...
  • Hotspots wifi.brussels

    wifi.brussels est un réseau internet wifi gratuit, couvrant certaines zones du territoire de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale. Info : www.wifi.brussels

    Espace de Développement Renforcé du Logement et de la Rénovation
  • Protection area

    Brussels-Capital Region : "the area established around a monument, a unit, a landscape or an archaeological site whose perimeter is fixed according to the requirements of the...
  • Zones de protection UNESCO

    This dataset has no description

  • Lotissements

    This dataset has no description

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