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  • Waiting time at stops (real-time)

    This dataset gives you acces to the real-time information for the next departure time at stop(s), which is provided by Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company in Belgium.
  • Brussels Buildings - 3DTiles

    3D Tiles are an open specification for streaming massive heterogeneous 3D geospatial datasets.
  • Hotspots wifi.brussels

    wifi.brussels est un réseau internet wifi gratuit, couvrant certaines zones du territoire de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale. Info : www.wifi.brussels
  • CycloParking

    Bicycle parking with acces control available in Brussels and managed by the CycloParking project.
  • Registered monument (final decree)

    Brussels-Capital Region : "toute réalisation particulièrement remarquable, y compris les installations ou les éléments décoratifs faisant partie intégrante de cette réalisation"...
  • Public way

    Brussels-Capital Region : entity PW is the database reference name and official codification of public roads within the territory of the Brussels-Capital
  • Registered complex (final decree)

    Brussels-Capital Region : "any group of properties forming an urban or rural unit sufficiently coherent to be the subject of a topographic and remarkable delimitation by its...
  • Green areas with high biological value (Regional Land Use Plan)

    Brussels-Capital Region : Areas intended for the conservation and the regeneration of a natural environment that is of high biological value as it shelters rare animal and...
  • Registered archaeological site (final decree)

    Brussels-Capital Region : "any territory, geological formation, building, complex or site that includes or is likely to include archaeological goods" having been the subject of...
  • Protection area (final decree)

    Brussels-Capital Region : "the area established around a monument, a unit, a landscape or an archaeological site whose perimeter is fixed according to the requirements of the...
  • Publications on gender equality in the Brussels region

    Ce jeu de données contient des références bibliographiques de textes législatifs, documents politiques, notes, communications, rapports statistiques, etc. relatifs à l’égalité...
  • Gender equality at local level in the Brussels Region

    This dataset contains: the municipal equal opportunity officers in the Brussels Region (legislature 2012-2018); the Brussels signatory municipalities of the European...
  • Elections

    The BISA compiles data on the results of the different elections held in the Brussels-Capital Region. You will find the results of Regional, local, European and legislative...
  • Women and symbolic urban space (Brussels Region)

    This dataset focuses on the representation of women in the symbolic public space of the Brussels Region
  • Public green spaces

    Brussels-Capital Region : database of green spaces and recreational areas in the Brussels-Capital Region, accessible to the public
  • Groundwater quality monitoring network - European reporting

    Brussels-Capital Region : location of the different groundwater quality monitoring sites managed by Brussels Environment (IBGE-BIM) and which results are transmitted through the...
  • Groundwater level monitoring network - European reporting

    Brussels-Capital Region : location of the different groundwater level monitoring sites (or piezometric sites) managed by Brussels Environment (IBGE-BIM) under the surveillance...
  • Green block

    Brussels-Capital Region : entity "Green Block" (or green area) identifies ROW floor of approval vegetated areas (lawn, trees, possibly planted with flowers and ornamental trees...
  • Street node

    Brussels-Capital Region : entity "rail line" is the track layout railway or tramway. The distinction between rail railway and tramway track is included in the same name of the...
  • Monitoring District

    Brussels-Capital Region : Brussels-Capital statistical areas are grouped to form the districts of monitoring. Monitoring the neighborhood is an urban observation tool to help...
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