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  • Organisations committed to gender equality in the Brussels Region

    This dataset contains: (1) the list of public services for equal opportunity (gender equality included) in the Brussels Region (at regional and local levels) ; (2) the list of...
  • Women and symbolic urban space (Brussels Region)

    This dataset focuses on the representation of women in the symbolic public space of the Brussels Region
  • Public green spaces

    Brussels-Capital Region : database of green spaces and recreational areas in the Brussels-Capital Region, accessible to the public
  • Accessibility of Brussels bars list for wheelchair users

    Brussels Jazz Marathon wants everyone to enjoy the free concerts. Wheelchair users can check here which indoor locations (bars & cafes) are accessible to them and which...
  • Groundwater quality monitoring network - European reporting

    Brussels-Capital Region : location of the different groundwater quality monitoring sites managed by Brussels Environment (IBGE-BIM) and which results are transmitted through the...
  • Groundwater level monitoring network - European reporting

    Brussels-Capital Region : location of the different groundwater level monitoring sites (or piezometric sites) managed by Brussels Environment (IBGE-BIM) under the surveillance...
  • Défibrillateurs

    This dataset has no description

  • Brussels-Capital Region

    Brussels-Capital Belgium is a federal state composed of three regions: the Walloon Region, the Flemish Region and the Brussels Region. The object "Brussels-Capital Region"...
  • Statistical district

    Brussels-Capital Region : Statistical district means an area containing a set of addresses defined at the municipal level by the National Statistics Institute (INS) as the basic...
  • Surfaces de rue

    Région de Bruxelles-Capitale : la surface de rue correspond au découpage de la voie publique en surfaces élémentaires représentant des morceaux de rue.
  • Journal du Conseil

    Journal du Conseil
  • Notebooks of the Observatory of mobility

    Brussels Mobility has entrusted the task of synthesis of many data available to the Centre for Sociological Studies (CES) at the Saint Louis University - Brussels (USL-B). This...
  • Cameras images

    Cameras images visible on the Brussels Mobility portal.
  • Cambio stations

    Cambio carsharing allows you to book your desired type of car when you need one. We offer you the comfort of a car without the hassle of owning one (maintenance, cleaning,...
  • Police zone

    Brussels-Capital Region : the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region is divided into six local police zones each including several municipalities.
  • Municipalities

    Brussels-Capital Region : The municipality is the smallest administrative division of the territory of the Federal Belgium. The Brussels Region is composed of nineteen...
  • Water block

    Brussels-Capital Region : the entity "Water Block" (or water area) locates and identifies various water bodies in the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region (channel, ponds,...
  • Street axis

    Brussels-Capital Region : SA entity corresponds to the axes of street sections of the Region of Brussels-Capital
  • Street Sides

    Brussels-Capital Region : The street ends are located along the public roads. The entity "Streetside" (or street) is shown with a line and a centroid (point near the line)....
  • Postal zones

    Brussels-Capital Region : Brussels post box is the cutting postal zones according to municipal boundaries. This division is made by the CIRB based on information provided by the...
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