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  • Hotels Performance

    Données retranscrivant la performance mensuelle du secteur hôtelier en région bruxelloise
  • Arrivals & Overnights - Data History

    The purpose of the barometer of overnights is to give a monthly view on the bednights spent by tourists in Brussels. It gives a total view of the bednights by month and splits...
  • Annual report

    This dataset has no description

  • Deactivations

    Brussels-Capital Region: Information on the number of deactivations performed by the distribution network operator ("DNO" or "Sibelga"). « désactivations » of “deactiveringen”...
  • Power limiters

    Brussels-Capital Region: Information on the number of power limiters (active, connected, disconnected and being replaced) broken down according to the power of the limiter and...
  • Regional social customers

    Brussels-Capital Region: Information on the number of customers whose consumption is billed by the distribution network operator ("DNO" or "Sibelga"). The monthly number of...
  • Bike counting poles

    Bicycle counting in real time. Number of bikers are counted on the Wetstraat / Rue de la Loi on the cycling lane in the direction of the center. Bikers in both directions on...
  • Guided Tours

    The enclosed file shows the data from a panel of 20 guided tours organisations. See the full interactive barometer via the following link:...
  • Market shares

    Brussels-Capital Region: Information on the market shares of suppliers holding an energy supply licence, valid in the Brussels Region, number of points of supply and volume....
  • Points of supply

    Brussels-Capital Region: Information on active, inactive and activated supply points for gas and electricity broken down according to business or residential customers and...

    In this dataset you’ll find: Information about planned works and/or changes in itinerary related stop(s). You can retrieve this information via the following methods: Messages...
  • Conseillers communaux et échevins

    Listes des conseillers communaux
  • Sanctions administratives communales

    Lieux et dates des constats.
  • Rues d'Auderghem

    Liste des rues d'Auderghem
  • Auderghem - Population

    Données relatives à la Population d'Auderghem
  • Site internet communal

    Fréquentation et contenu du site internet communal d'Auderghem
  • Barometer of the museums and attractions

    The barometer of museums and attractions is built from the collection of visitors’ statistics (permanent collections and temporary exhibitions) from a panel of museums and...
  • Rémunérations et avantages des mandataires

    Auderghem - publication des données contenues dans le rapport sur la transparence des rémunérations et avantages des mandataires publics bruxellois
  • Incidents Fix My Street

    The mobile and web platform Fix My Street allows citizens and administrations to flag incidents in the Brussels public space (deterioration, litter, etc.) and to follow its...
  • Parking Occupancy (real time)

    Data on public car parks and their occupancy rate in real-time.
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