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Brussels-Capital Region: Information on active, inactive and activated supply points for gas and electricity broken down according to business or residential customers and according to "low" or "high" voltage (only in electricity). For electricity, a low voltage "B" is less than or equal to 1 kilovolt (1 kV), while a high voltage "H" is greater than one kilovolt (1 kV).

A point of supply is inactive if no supplier is registered for that access point. There is no breakdown according to business or residential clientele, so the information is not applicable (n/a). The activations relate to points of supply which have switched to "active" status between the 1st and last days of the month in question when they were under a different status during the month preceding that period.

Data are provided by Sibelga and Elia.

The data reported may differ from one report to another. This is the result of the process of rectification used by players in the energy sector in order to improve the quality of the data.

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