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  • Regional roads

    The road network in the Brussels-Capital Region is divided in regional (generally the most structuring traffic axes) and municipal (generally roads of local character) roads....
  • Bicycle pumps

    Public bicycle pumps known by Brussels Mobility.
  • Roads hierarchy

    Hierarchical classification of roads.
  • Electric charging stations

    Location of charging stations for electric vehicles in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Paved roads

    Roads whose coating consists mostly of paved blocks.
  • Transit parkings

    Transit parking locations in the Brussels Capital Region.
  • Artistic heritage of regional roads

    Georeferenced census of fountains or water features as well as monuments and works of art situated along regional roads.
  • Tunnel sections

    Locations of tunnels in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Taxi stops

    The locations of the Taxi stops in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Household income and expenditure

    Income and expenditure are indications of the living standard of households. It makes it possible to measure the purchasing power of the population and, consequently, whether or...
  • Insecurity and Welfare benefits

    In Brussels as in the rest of Belgium, many people do not have sufficient means of subsistence. In some circumstances, these people may qualify for welfare benefits. These are...
  • Health

    Although health is a Community competence, the BISA presents a selection of indicators (range of healthcare services on offer, life expectancy, etc.) by combining the data from...
  • Early childhood

    Although early childhood services are a Community competence, they are vitally important for the Brussels-Capital Region. There is a high demand due to the current demographic...
  • Education

    Education being a community competence, the BISA provides statistics that combine data from the Flemish Community and the French Community: student population, number of...
  • Labour market

    The Brussels-Capital Region has a large working population or population of working age and also attracts a very high number of workers who live in the two other Regions of the...
  • Economy

    You will find figures on the economic activity in the Brussels-Capital Region: demography of companies, company turnover, value added, investments and exports. All this data is...
  • Research and technology

    This section presents the statistics for Brussels on both R&D expenditure and staff working in this field. The statistics on the use and equipment with regard to information...
  • Public finance

    The Brussels-Capital Region budget is an indicator of the means available to the government of the Region to implement its policies. You will find an overview of public finance...
  • Land-use planning and real estate

    This section provides a wealth of information, for instance on land occupancy, the characteristics of existing constructions and real estate sales. Visit also the Monitoring des...
  • Environment and Energy

    The data compiled relate to climate, air quality, consumption and quality of water, waste collection, green spaces, biodiversity, energy consumption, etc. Visit also the...
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